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Ron Paul should take Rick Perry to the woodshed

Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) should, and probably will, take Texas Gov. Rick
Perry to the woodshed as America’s leading phony conservative flavor of
the month, and launch the mother of all Ron Paul money bombs. While Ron
Paul is an authentic libertarian Rick Perry, is a polyester political
libertine who moves effortlessly from championing Al Gore to imitating
Ron Paul.

While Ron Paul discusses monetary policy for 30 years, Rick Perry is a monetary parvenu who probably thinks QE2 is an ocean liner and descends to the gutter with language about the Fed that implies treason and appears to imply violence.

{mosads}While Ron Paul is against deficit spending, Rick Perry has run up deficits in Texas. While Ron Paul abhors government programs, Rick Perry gobbled up Obama stimulus money like a rabbit in heat, and then used government programs to raise pay-for-play campaign dough with a gusto that would make former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich proud.

While Ron Paul raises money from real Americans who believe in his vision, Rick Perry raises money from special interests that exploit the kind of programs Paul opposes, which Perry pretends to oppose while holding fundraisers for government contractors.

While Ron Paul offers serious discussion of foreign policy, whether one agrees with Paul or not, Perry offers trite neocon platitudes that sound like leftovers from Dick Cheney speeches in which Perry appears hell-bent to find big wars for America to fight.

Ron Paul offers a choice between a genuine conservative libertarian versus a polyester political libertine. Ron Paul advocated his philosophy for more than a generation while Rick Perry shape-shifted from championing Al Gore to imitating Ron Paul, sounding like Dick Cheney, creating Texas deficits, gobbling up Obama stimulus cash and raising campaign dough from government contractors.

I am no conservative. Neither was George W. Bush. And neither is Rick Perry, who Ron Paul should take to the woodshed.

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