As a born and bred New Yorker, I had hoped that LeBron James would sign with the Knicks. As a citizen and human being I had hoped he would resign with Cleveland. But above all, to me LeBron James, in the end, is just another bum looking out for himself, full of vanity and ego oozing from every pore of his body.

LeBron James is like the worst of the worst on Wall Street: The public be damned.

LeBron James to Cleveland: Drop dead.

LeBron James is no different than the bums who export jobs to slave-wage nations abroad, then attack jobless American workers they laid off as lazy.

The problem is not that he signed with Miami.

The problem is the total lack of respect LeBron James showed for Cleveland.

The problem is the absurd vanity he showed about himself, with his ridiculous performance on ESPN.

The problem is the vainglorious adoration of LeBron James of himself, and his contemptuous behavior toward the place he once called home, which did so much for him.

Yesterday LeBron James pulled down his shorts and mooned the people of Cleveland, who have suffered so much in a corrupted economy through no fault of their own.

LeBron James had every right to sign wherever he chose; I would not expect loyalty, a quality not widespread in the American economy today, to matter much to LeBron James. Let him make his many millions playing with his pals and party at the South Beach hotspots.

No, the problem is not that James did not sign with Cleveland, it is the contempt he showed toward the people of Cleveland.

LeBron James is a great basketball player.

In my humble opinion, he is also a bum.

I will certainly not buy the overpriced shoes that will bear his name, and I hope you don't either.