Ever since I can remember, Wheaties was the Breakfast of Champions. And, all during my childhood, American sport legends bounced right from winning Olympic gold medals to smiling on the back of my box of Wheaties.

No longer. Not for Michael Phelps. He’s decided to plant his mug instead — not on Wheaties — but on a box of Kellogg’s FROSTED FLAKES, probably the least healthy breakfast cereal on the market, which has three times the amount of sugar as Wheaties and only one-third the amount of fiber.

Now, we all know Phelps has a notorious appetite. He packs away 4,000 calories at every breakfast. But that’s no excuse. He can eat big, and still eat healthy.

After winning eight gold medals, Michael Phelps is king of the hill. He doesn’t have to beg. He can sign an endorsement deal with any product he wants.

But it looks like he’s giving it away to anybody who walks in the door. For him to endorse Frosted Flakes — having already agreed to endorse McDonald’s and Pizza Hut — is a big mistake. And, with childhood obesity such a serious problem, it certainly sends the wrong message to America’s kids.

Michael Phelps should seek the counsel of someone like fellow Baltimorean Cal Ripken before finalizing any more endorsement deals. Phelps is a sports hero. But he’s starting to look like a sports whore.

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