Most recently, Perry has been trying to undermine the greatness of the University of Texas and replace it with his brand of social engineering rightist theories, privatizing, profiteering and crony capitalist creed. Perry is trying to pack the Board of Regents with his allies and transform Longhorn nation in his image. Longhorn nation is fighting back.

Check out the brilliant new video produced by Longhorn alumni and supporters calling on Longhorn nation to make its views known to the Texas state Legislature. 

Perry and Texas Republicans have put Texas education under attack during the last decade. They have ruthlessly cut spending for schools, putting Texas near the bottom of the nation in spending for schools. They have targeted teachers and put them under siege, leading to many fine teachers being fired, laid off or so depressed they leave for more education-friendly states. 

Now they turn their attention to attacking one of the great universities of the world. This Texas Republican war against education is similar to wars against education and teachers pursued by many Republican governors in other states and Tea Party Republicans in Washington. 

This Texas Republican war against students, teachers and education is based on the same corrupted rightist theories that have led Perry to tour the nation and appeal to companies that pollute, companies that oppose effective safety regulation, companies that oppose fair wages, and companies that do not value education spending to "come to Texas." 

The Texas Legislature and others are now beginning to investigate the causes and responsibility for the tragic recent explosion at a fertilizer plant in West, Texas. It is far too early to draw conclusions, but I promise you this: If Perry succeeds in his appeal to attract companies that prefer weaker worker and community safety standards, as well as weaker worker and community safety enforcement, there will be more tragic events in Texas as an inevitable result.

I hope Perry runs for reelection in 2014. If he does, he could well be defeated by Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis (D), San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro (D), Rep. Joaquín Castro (D-Texas), former Houston Mayor Bill White (D), or another major Democratic candidate. 

I hope Perry runs for president in 2016 though most Republicans privately dread the prospect of the "oops" candidate offering a rerun of his quickly-canceled show from 2012. Polling shows Clinton would clobber Perry in Texas in 2016. 

Perry should stop messing with Texas schools, stop messing with Longhorn nation and stop messing with Texas worker safety.