We are undergoing a Jacksonian awakening. The heartland is rising up as it did in the 1830s and the lace curtainers of Boston and Richmond are freaking out, as they did in the Colonial period. Now they are beginning to adapt, as they did then, by turning country. But this all started with a Democrat, the gun-totin’, tobacco-chewing Scotch-Irish Virginia war hero, Jim Webb, who went to the Senate in 2007. John McCainJohn Sidney McCainWill the real Lee Hamiltons and Olympia Snowes please stand up? Republicans have dumped Reagan for Trump The Hill's Morning Report - Presented by Facebook - Cheney poised to be ousted; Biden to host big meeting MORE noticed, and in a stroke of political genius unparalleled in our time, borrowed karma and brought in Sarah Palin and her Big Dog, Big Truck husband, Todd.

The sudden appearance of Real People in prominent positions shocked the nation and the eloi retreated. Now they are coming out, getting off the porch to run with the big dogs, striving to be good ole boys themselves, barely more than a year after their fateful strategy of “whistling past Dixie” almost destroyed the Democratic Party. Suggested reading: Noel Perrin’s First Person Rural will teach city folk what to look for in a used truck and how to run a chainsaw without cutting your leg off.

But redneck is only a base camp, like the one that came together this month in Nashville. The future of American politics lies with the elegant and the swift. Anyone looking for the new face should look to that most capable political operative, Jenny Sanford. She has already brought one candidate to the Governor’s office in South Carolina. Now she has brought her endorsement to another Tea Party favorite, Nikki Haley, to replace her husband as governor.

"I think South Carolinians are ready for that," Sanford told a local South Carolina TV news outlet. "I don't know if our political system is ready for it, because it really is kind of a good ole boy club still."

“South Carolina and our nation are at a crossroads,” Haley says on her website. “The bailouts and stimulus packages are continuing to hurt job growth, weaken the value of our dollar and increase debt for our children. I proudly stand in contrast — as the ONLY candidate for South Carolina governor who believed then, and still believes now, that taking the stimulus bailout was wrong for South Carolina.”

Like Bobby Jindal, governor of Louisiana, Haley is the daughter of Indian immigrants. She might be considered the face of the new politics in the Tea Party Movement and the new face of the South. And as governor of South Carolina, she would be in perfect position to be Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s (R) running mate in 2012.

And RE Jenny Sanford: Never underestimate the fury of a woman scorned. Especially if she happens to be a vastly competent political operative, as Jenny Sanford is said to be.

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