Y'know, sometimes big things happen when really good people get together — maybe even inflection points in American history. We don't normally notice until years later, but social media changes that.

I spoke early at this conference, discussing the good work being done by the Federal Web Managers Council, the Sunlight Foundation and many others. They're doing real work which I feel will result in big improvements regarding the way we govern ourselves.

(My role is not significant, but maybe I can say something important, with a thin veneer of (attempted) comedy:)

Free the Nerds!

A lot of the people fueling this effort are speaking at this conference, like Vivek Kundra, our country's CIO; Bev Goodwin; Beth Noveck; and Mark Drapeau, who are pioneers of the use of social media in Washington.

To get a good sense of what's going on, check out the IRMCO Twitter feed.