The Center for Responsive Politics (CRP) has now made its data archives freely downloadable at its site, There you'll find 200 million campaign finance, lobbying and other money-in-politics records, going back 20 years in some cases.

As usual, Ellen Miller from Sunlight Foundation delivers the gist:

Sheila Krumholz, CRP director and long-time colleagues, knows that by putting their data into more hands they will put more eyes on Washington. This, in turn, will engage more Americans in their government, and that will fuel change in how our government functions. We agree which is why Sunlight providing the financing to make this happen. “All these enhancements to are about one thing: showing more people how money’s influence on politics affects their lives–and empowering them to do something about it,” Sheila said in a statement.

Mash it up, map it, whatever — keep it non-commercial. (Commercial users pay a fee to help CRP keep its lights on.)