Either former President Bill ClintonWilliam (Bill) Jefferson ClintonMilitary spending has many points of contention: Closing overseas bases isn't one of them More adult Twitter users follow Obama than Trump: survey Pro-impeachment Democrats wary of Al Green's floor vote push MORE is lying, or Pennsylvania Democratic Senate candidate Joe Sestak is. Both can't be right.

You may remember a few months ago, prior to defeating incumbent Sen. Arlen Specter in the Pennsylvania Democratic primary, Rep. Sestak went public with allegations the Obama White House sent an emissary to offer him an administration job as a sort of bribe to drop his challenge to Specter.

Sestak scored points for integrity and standing up to the White House by refusing the offer, and went on to defeat Specter. It was later revealed that "emissary" was none other than Clinton. The White House even conceded as much. Or perhaps they are also lying?
So what should we make of Clinton's triple denial while in Pennsylvania this week that he tried to get Sestak out of the race and even claims he was never accused of that? He's even apparently on tape with the denials, but I don't know if he wagged his finger at the questioner, like he did in another, more famous, denial.
But clearly, either Clinton or Sestak is lying. And Pennsylvania voters should know which one before heading into the voting booths in November. Actually, we all should know.

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