When President Obama took office, Americans knew he wasn’t going to have it easy. Yet, he has used the false premises of frivolous spending on the Iraqi War to justify his spending efforts and our economic mess.


More specifically, Democrats have lead Americans to believe that Bush tax cuts, the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and the recession are the reasons for our current deficit. While in fact, the Democrats passed an $814 billion economic stimulus immediately while in office. This grossly trumps the $709 billion spent on Iraq.

So no, Iraq is not the fiscal giant that Americans were made to believe; and yes, Democrats need to start taking responsibility for their reckless spending. 

As questions of Americans shameful of spending on our education system continue to be raised, it’s important to realize President Bush, under his two terms, spent more on education than he did on the Iraq war. The war was less than a quarter of what was spent on Medicare. Please, Democrats, get your facts straight and begin to own the problems that this administration is creating. Thank you.