I had to laugh when I saw my brother and fellow pundit Rick Manning write that President Obama talks like Ronald Reagan but acts like Karl Marx. Setting aside that this level of analysis does not elevate our political discourse, brother Manning has it backwards.

Regarding Reagan, Obama's arms control policies are very much like Reagan's, who believed in arms control negotiations. The opponents of START resemble those on the right who attacked Reagan, which is why so many former Reagan officials supported Obama on START. Reagan believed in a big-tent Republican Party and a civil political discourse. Reagan would not like Manning's attack.

On healthcare the Obama plan bears a striking similarity to the healthcare proposals of Richard Nixon, and the healthcare law of former Gov. Mitt Romney in Massachusetts.

Meanwhile, the Obama people are capitalists of the first order. Looks to me like the revolving door of former Obama staff leads directly to many highly paid jobs with very capitalist companies.

Some Republicans need to figure out why Tea Party negative ratings are rising in the polls, and why the president's positive ratings are rising as well.

In the meantime I look forward to Rick Manning attacking those two famous Marxists, Richard Nixon and Mitt Romney, for NixonCare and RomneyCare.