Uh-oh, POTUS. Yes, the fact that the House of Representatives is suing President Obama for executive overreach, or nicely put, not "faithfully executing the law," is a stunt. But the president never should have said so. These days, not only is Obama going full throttle with his pen and phone leadership, writing new rules without the consent of Congress — the law-writing branch — to the point of pushing the legal limits a president is confined to, he is doing so defiantly and defensively. It's a mistake.


Sure the suit House Speaker John BoehnerJohn Andrew BoehnerFormer Speaker Boehner's official portrait unveiled Key Republicans say Biden can break Washington gridlock From learning on his feet to policy director MORE (R-Ohio) plans to file against the president isn't likely to go far, and was a result of intense and sustained pressure from an angry conservative base that is constantly threatening his job, but there is more to it. On a week when the Supreme Court voted unanimously against the president's recess appointments to the National Labor Relations Board in 2012, Obama should take note of what he is doing with his office and the price his own party could ultimately pay for his executive actions. Far-reaching new emissions regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency and literally dozens of changes to the Affordable Care Act will be difficult to defend in a tough election season this fall.

With numerous international crises, the IRS scandal and terrible GDP numbers, it's a bad time for the president to be arrogant about his bypassing of a co-equal branch of government.

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