Thursday night, July 17, should have been a heavy pizza-delivery night at the White House. Between Israel moving against Gaza in retaliation for thousands of rocket attacks, U.S. citizens dying when their airliner was presumably shot out of the sky by Russian separatists, and our border continuing to leak like a sieve with every indication that terrorists have been using the crisis to cross without fear of being caught, Americans had a right to expect that their president was engaged in dealing with these crises.

But no, the current occupant of the White House had some fundraising to do in Delaware, where he spent a mere 40 seconds mentioning the airliner "tragedy" between standard dinner-speaker jokes.


No burning of the midnight oil for the Audacious One. No feverish phone calls to world leaders to deal with the three foreign policy crises. No reassuring the nation in this time of turmoil that all will be well because he has things in hand.

Nope, 40 seconds and then on to the fundraising was President Zero's response.

Out of all the outrages, oversteps and outright lawless behavior, Obama has finally demonstrated his true nature — he flat out doesn't care. He has proven himself to be a man who likes the idea of being president, but doesn't actually want to do the work of being president.

Here is what we should have seen last night — a 10-minute primetime speech from the president briefing the nation on each of the three crises, announcing that he was going into a meeting with the House and Senate leaders of both parties to agree upon options that can be implemented on a bipartisan basis.

Instead, the politicking president continued doing the only thing he is good at — campaigning — his comparative smallness in the moment reminding us of how diminished his once giant visage has become.

Being president of the United States is designed to be hard. There are constitutional impediments that prevent creating laws that last through waving a pen, and the division of powers limits the scope of what a chief executive can do.

A successful president seizes the moment during a crisis to bring the nation together and leads. Unfortunately, Obama loves to politicize crises, but as last night proved once more, he has no idea or even apparently the desire to really lead our nation through one.

With two-and-a-half more years of the Obama presidency, it is reasonable to ask if he has effectively abdicated from the job? His lurching back and forth between petulant edicts and an almost determined failure to perform his basic function of protecting the nation's security puts not only the United States, but the whole world, at risk.

This may be the real constitutional crisis facing the nation. What to do about a president who just doesn't care anymore?

Manning (@rmanning957) is vice president of public policy and communications for Americans for Limited Government. Contact him at