President Obama has acquiesced and has now agreed to received intelligence briefings in person, like President Bush and all of his predecessors, rather than reading them on his iPad, on his own.
Aside from the disturbing thought that a man with no foreign policy experience thinks he doesn't need to be briefed in person on intelligence issues that can mean the difference between life and death — as we saw earlier this month with the attacks on the American consulate in Libya — it's disturbing that Obama has had trouble operating his iPhone, yet claims to have read intel briefings on his iPad.
George W. Bush almost never missed an intel briefing, and received them along with Vice President Cheney and his national security team. This method lends itself to facilitate discussion and clarification, unlike the current president, who expects us to take his word that he is, in fact, doing his homework.


Libyan officials say they warned the United States three days in advance of the terrorist attacks that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and several other Americans.  Clearly, there was a disconnect in the communication.
Given his problems with operating an iPhone, as has been reported and illustrated publicly (eerily, on 9/11, the day of the attacks), it is entirely possible President Obama has the same problems with an iPad, thus casting significant doubt on his actually reading intelligence briefings on the iPad.
When people die because of intel glitches, it is fair and even necessary to investigate where things went wrong. In this case, it just may be an arrogant president who believed he was too smart to require in-person briefings with his national security team, missing more than half, as we now know, and importantly, the six days prior to the attacks in Libya. Such willful ignorance can be deadly.