This isn't the first time that the state of Texas has threatened to secede from the union.

The real issue is why a state would want to pursue this course of action. Obviously, Texas and other states feel strongly that their interests are not aligned with those of the government of our nation.

In today's political environment, based on the recent presidential election results, the country is split down the middle. That should not mean that the losing half should pick up their marbles and go home.


But when states like Texas and others want to secede, their actions should give our government pause. If the White House is savvy, it should start asking questions about what it can do to bring about unity and harmony, rather than drive more wedges between itself and half a nation that has different ideals. In other words, the White House is going to need a lot more than a form letter to placate the concerns of our divided American people.

The current White House could learn a lesson by revisiting the Clinton era, when disagreements were also extreme and yet former President Clinton was able to swallow his pride and work with the opposition to create one of the strongest economic periods our nation has ever known.

As the old adage goes, there is strength in unity.