Hilariously, Brent Budowsky injects himself into a discussion in which bloggers cry "racist" at a posting from Ron Christie that is actually anything but.

That is the latest strategy by the far-left — no matter what a Republican says, simply accuse them of racism or sexism as a way to scare them off and shut them down. Threaten to label them a racist or sexist and they will back down. It's like crying wolf or threatening to scream rape — and it is a disgusting and cheap ploy.

The threats from the left to paint any and all opposition as racist and sexist have become downright sloppy and lazy — it's like they don't even have to try to actually debate and know full well the media will support them in their disgusting name-calling, so they just throw out the accusation and the label, almost as an aside.

Nothing in Ron Christie's post contains even a hint of racism, which is obviously why Budowsky acts like he is taking the high road by refusing to address it in any detail (yet was desperate enough to post something anyway.) The truth is, Budowsky had nothing of substance to say, and no evidence to back up his charges. But if we are going to be forced to sink so low as to play Budowsky's game, just let me say this: As a black man, Ron Christie might know a bit more about racism than the older white male Budowsky, just as I, as a woman, know more about sexism.

Isn't that, after all, the standard of the left?

Ron Christie raises some interesting points about the difference between candidate Obama addressing his Muslim background and President Obama doing the same. Pointing out hypocrisy is hardly racist. And shame on those who are so willing and even eager to take such a cheap shot, rather than take a closer look at Obama's actions and words.

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