After promising transparency in his administration, and after promising to release whatever evidence a court ordered, President Obama has suddenly reversed course and decided to fight the release of photos of prisoners tortured inside American military camps in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Obama said he would challenge a federal court order because release of the photos would only “inflame anti-American opinion.” The White House also cited fears expressed by military commanders that publication of the photos would further endanger our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Or could it be just the opposite?

Remember, this torture did NOT happen under the Obama administration. Just as Obama previously released memos detailing what forms of torture were permitted under George W. Bush, accompanied by a pledge that this kind of behavior will never again be allowed, so could the administration release photographs of torture carried out under George Bush — with the same pledge.

That, to me, is a much stronger message. And release of the photos, to me, would generate much greater good will toward America and put our troops in less danger, not more.

The only people Obama protects by covering up the photos are George Bush and Dick Cheney.

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