The successful rescue of Capt. Richard Phillips from his pirate captors can only be good news for the Obama administration.

While details of exactly how directly involved the president was remain uncertain, it is clear that the U.S. Navy operated under his command and that he was regularly briefed on developments. Clearly, the Navy — and specifically the Navy Seals — came through with flying colors.

The situation was one several Democratic presidential candidates warned us would come when they questioned Obama's readiness to serve as commander in chief. And while the events will not fully allay the concerns of Obama critics, including this one — and the question of whether this will escalate violence committed by pirates remains open — there can be no question this is a victory for Obama.

Some may suggest Obama had nothing do with the operation and seek to deny him any credit. Can there be any doubt, however, that had the situation gone badly and any American lives been lost, it would have been viewed as a huge defeat — fairly or unfairly — a la Waco?