A brave American merchant mariner heroically decides to sacrifice himself so that 21 members of his crew could escape unharmed from armed pirates off the coast of Somalia.

The U.S. Flag vessel, the first abducted by pirates in the modern era, has been surrounded by the U.S. Navy. Elite hostage negotiators from the FBI have arrived to negotiate the release of the brave American captain.

When asked about the brazen abduction on the high seas this morning, the president of the united states had ... nothing to say. After being asked three times by the press, the president noted that he was more focused on his housing initiative he was there to talk about.

No thoughts or prayers for the captain or his family. No expression that the full resources of the U.S. government would be brought to bear against those who would threaten to harm Americans at home or abroad. Sometimes actions speak louder than words, and the president's silence is deafening.