President Obama returns today from his whirlwind, “It’s good to be me” tour through continental Europe.

Many here stateside are beginning to whisper that Obama is the most arrogant (and the most apologist) leader this country has seen in a generation. He treats Americans and the Constitution with utter contempt — firing private-sector CEOs while waging class warfare on those who surrender the most in taxes, reminding them it’s their “patriotic duty.” He runs roughshod over basic lines of demarcation between the public and private sectors, only to tell us to trust, for what he's doing is in the best interest of America.

Mr. Obama’s best, of course, is wonderful in his own mind. He wields no delusions of his own grandeur. However, when he goes abroad he can't be effacing enough for the bows and scraping to those luminaries around him. President Obama has apologized for how terrible the United States has been. He tells them that we're not at war with Islam, but deliberately neglects to point out that Islam is at war with us and all freedom-loving peoples.

Is it becoming clearer exactly what is beginning to happen to our once great and feared superpower nation? And to compound matters, our president now wants to rid the world of all nuclear weapons. You know, Mr. President, that would be great if other nations would rid themselves of their weapons. Yet we know that won’t happen in our lifetime.

Actions such as these make me question if this president understands the fundamental essence of balance of power and other Morgenthau precepts.

This is so reckless and dangerous. Think about it: What weapon ever in the history of the world that we've invented has gone away? We still have the crossbow, poison gas, the list goes on. Any weapon that we've ever introduced to the world that would hurt or annihilate others still exists.

What is the most shocking is that the people who elected Obama are just so pleased with themselves, because this is exactly what they wanted, but for how long? the question remains.

Our mood in this country has become suicidal, and that's the definition of following Europe and its centuries of failed policies on every human level. These are guys who can't now reproduce themselves and are dying and our president can't wait for Americans to join them.

I expected more from Mr. Obama during his trip to Europe. A restoration of American greatness, delivered in a contrite yet robust manner. What I saw instead was an apologist’s list of excuses and innuendo on what makes our nation so weak.

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