Bill ClintonWilliam (Bill) Jefferson ClintonBusiness coalition aims to provide jobs to Afghan refugees Biden nominates ex-State Department official as Export-Import Bank leader Obamas, Bushes and Clintons joining new effort to help Afghan refugees MORE is one of my least favorite people. He's arrogant, classless and was recently on Time magazine's list of people responsible for the economic crisis. Plus, during the primary campaign he was trying to win the World's Most Racist Man Award. Oh, and NAFTA ... and welfare reform.

Here are two very recent things Clinton has done to make me dislike him even more:

• Talking about the Fairness Doctrine yesterday on Mario Solis Marich's radio show. Clinton suggested, "We either ought to have the Fairness Doctrine or more balance on the other side." Worrying about the fairness of talk radio in 2009 is absurd. Hey, Bill, when you're done cleaning up talk radio, let’s promote liberal papyrus rolls.

• He's crossing a picket line to speak at a hotel owned by an anti-gay bigot. Look Bill, I know your history with gay people is pretty miserable, from the Defense of Marriage Act (ironic, since you care so little for your own) and Don't Ask, Don't Tell — but it is 2009; you can be more tolerant now.

Go away, Bill. Retire. The Democratic Party will do just fine without you.

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