Brent Budowsky's rant on my earlier posting is ridiculous and ill-informed.

To blindly attack what I say because I am a Republican shows stupidity, clear and simple. Had Brent bothered to watch CNN breaking news reports and review other news outlets, or perhaps even take a few moments to hear what went on at White House press secretary Robert Gibbs’s first briefing today, he'd have perhaps gotten a clue that many people of many political stripes are bothered by the secrecy associated with the re-do of the oath.

In fact, a great deal of time was spent in serious discussion by reporters and legal scholars as to why this occurred, but mostly, why the television cameras were not allowed. And it was the media who noted there was no Bible used, but they were not given the opportunity to know why at the time of the second oath. Brent has a big job ahead of him outlining how that constitutes Republican childishness.

If Mr. Budowsky seriously believes that the issue of transparency with the second oath should not be examined and questioned (and takes a low-blow partisan swipe in the process), then he needs to take it up with more than just me. There is a long list of journalists to take on.

Get busy, Brent! Put your money where your mouth is. Oh, and by the way — your reference to John McCain taking the high road made no sense at all, since he has not commented on the re-do of the oath. You seemed to have just pulled that one out of thin air.