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Sheriff David Clarke: Blame liberals for ‘American carnage’

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Has America ever had more of a post-purchase confirmation than the scene of the angry agitators who confronted us after the inauguration and transfer of power to President Donald Trump?

I didn’t say “peaceful” transfer of power, because that phrase is losing a little of its luster after the scenes of Thursday and Friday of mayhem, pre-planned violence, and hate spewed at the law-abiding citizens who made the journey to celebrate the inauguration of Donald Trump.

{mosads}While the aims of these far-left agitators are never quite clear – they seem to spend more time on the artwork than working on the substance of their complaints – if they had listened to President Trump’s speech, they might have decided to forget about it, go get jobs and take part in the economic growth coming our way.


More central to my concern, President Trump addressed the “American carnage” that exists for a great number of its citizens – the same citizens that I happen to have a duty to protect each and every day.

Politicians on both sides of the aisle have unwittingly enabled a false and dangerous narrative that the police are the linchpins of the problem in our cities by supporting or remaining silent as training designed to keep police officers hyper-vigilant and alive is being modified to turn them into social workers.

The two are incompatible. This has emboldened criminals and cemented the urban pathologies that are destroying generation after generation of youth in our cities.

When President Trump underscored that the oath of office he took was to all Americans, he was speaking to the same inner-city residents used by Black Lives Matter and the NAACP as backdrops for their progressive political hackery.

President Trump was telling us that he’s investing in America, and he sees the same waste of lives not just as tragedies of loss but tragedies of what might have been. This is something the Black Lives Matter left can never come together with Trump’s America on because they don’t believe in a future. They only want to live in a past of hate, hurt, and division.

Look no further than Saturday for the pinnacle of the left’s pre-planned welcome to Trump: the so-called Women’s March. Just as Black Lives Matter was a façade for the same tired, America-loathing leftist causes, this “Women’s march” includes every cause under the sun.

What was noteworthy in the march, and I was there, was how few black and Latina women were present. It was a literal white-out. This is a point not brought out by the same liberal mainstream media that made a point of asking me about the low number of blacks present at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland and at Trump rallies.

Maybe it was because the emphasis of the march had little to do with issues black and Latina women care about like affordable childcare, affordable healthcare, and jobs. Instead all I heard were chants about vaginas and abortion on demand.

With speakers from the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) – an organization connected to the Muslim Brotherhood – to the NAACP and the National Domestic Workers Alliance, the Women’s March, in a shameful manipulation of grief, even trotted out the mothers of Trayvon Martin, Dontre Hamilton, Eric Garner, and Jordan Davis.

I’d like to invite those women to skip aimlessly walking around alongside an amalgamation of groups who enable and encourage the dysfunction that got their children killed, and instead to meet with me. I have signed on to the Trump vision – an end to the carnage, the crimes, and the gangs that ravage their neighborhoods. We don’t need to fabricate posters in order to make our vision of law-and- order, respect, and prosperity look appealing.

The American people already chose a path – and a true leader, President Trump, who will make sure his vision of inclusion extends far into the territory that for too long dominated by the American left with nothing but destruction to show for it.

I’ve had enough of grief-pimping leftists and clueless Democrats refusing to engage their brains and look at the true causes of poverty and crime in the ghetto. With Trump at the helm, this is pushback time.

Sheriff David Clarke is the Milwaukee County sheriff. Clarke is the author of Cop Under Fire: Moving Beyond Hashtags of Race, Crime and Politics for a Better America.” Follow him on Twitter @SheriffClarke

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