Before President-elect Barack ObamaBarack Hussein ObamaDemocrats ramp up pressure on Lieberman to drop out of Georgia Senate race The Hill's Campaign Report: Biden on Trump: 'He'll leave' l GOP laywers brush off Trump's election remarks l Obama's endorsements Trump pledges to make Juneteenth a federal holiday, designate KKK a terrorist group in pitch to Black voters MORE was elected, he was, among other things, a community organizer. He helped organize others to help themselves — not to rely on the government for handouts, but to learn about what the law states and to take advantage of what the law dictated in their favor.

Oftentimes the law may have rewards and stimuli for people who are trying to make a difference, or even just protect their own property, but some diligence may be required to learn about it. While the government may have ordinances and infrastructure in place to support you in your position, if you don't know about it, no one is necessarily required to inform you.

By not educating yourself and doing due diligence to keep yourself informed, you are the one who eventually misses out. America isn't the land of the free and the home of the brave for some Americans; we all have to step up and take responsibility for our surroundings.

In order to see true progress, now that we are all Americans, we have to clean up the messes that have been created as a form of resentment. When are all the babies born out of wedlock going to disappear? When will we see the return of two-parent households in inner-city and urban communities? When will American inner cities take responsibility and start drastically reducing violent crimes against one another (and everyone, for that matter)?

"The Man," as many have been so fond of calling it, is an American black now, and we elected him. So make your choice count and start to do for yourself.

Americans of all stripes must now look in that mirror and make that change, in their household, in their communities, in their lives, if we’re truly going to see America live out its promise to its citizens and the world as the lone remaining superpower.

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