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Vicious attacks on Ivanka Trump expose liberal hypocrisy

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Ivanka Trump is perhaps the second-most watched person in the White House. The oldest daughter of the President, her position as a policy activist and adviser is unique in presidential history. Working through the ranks to become a clear voice for women’s issues, coupled with her considerable business acumen, she should be a respected figure regardless of politics.

Instead, she faces a special scorn from Third Wave feminists and leftists alike (but I repeat myself) for one major reason: being her father’s daughter. One would think that a woman’s reputation is based on more than her relationship with a man.

Nope, not in 2017.

{mosads}Long before her father became president, Ivanka carved out a name and brand for herself. She retained her own identity after being raised by her father’s strong personality and marrying Jared Kushner — she kept her own name and the reputation she built over the years. Not bad for being 27-years-old at the time.


In many ways, Ivanka is the most self-made Trump: The Georgetown and Wharton graduate worked with a number of outside partners, and then formed her own empire. She used her own platform to advocate for women and equality in the workplace.

Despite her numerous accomplishments, the left has waged war on the first daughter in recent weeks. Why? Because they hate her father. A strong women’s rights advocate and outspoken social liberal is being seen through the shadow of a man in her life: Her father, Donald J. Trump.

No feminist would or should judge another woman’s accomplishments through the prism of their fathers or husbands. Ivanka should be no different.  

The social media campaign called #GrabYourWallet, which pressures retailers to drop Ivanka’s fashion products, was created as a response to Donald Trump’s infamous hot mic remark. Ivanka had no involvement in her father’s controversial remarks — but liberals have ensured that she will suffer anyways!

#GrabYourWallet successfully pressured Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus,, Gilt, and to stop selling Ivanka’s line. Sears and Kmart removed her products from their websites, while TJ Maxx instructed its employees to hide her clothing on the sales floor. For many on the left, all things are personal, and fashion must be no exception.

One look at the #GrabYourWallet site, and it hits you: someone took the time to systematically create a Joseph McCarthy-type list of companies and ask if they are, or if they ever have been, a carrier of Ivanka’s products. The featured spreadsheet list of retailers is as comprehensive as it is offensive. Contact numbers and emails are next to each company, regarding their current status.

In Venezuela, public employees that signed the recall petition against strongman Nicolas Maduro were fired due to their political beliefs. It’s hard to imagine a social media campaign fueled by the same sentiments.

And the attacks on Ivanka extend far beyond just #GrabYourWallet. Google your lite-fare media du jour and you’ll find enthusiastic hit pieces, ripping Ivanka and her brand. Search her name on Buzzfeed, and you’ll see a list of articles about her product — all unabashedly negative and repetitive. How many Mean Girls gifs articles can one website hold?

The Huffington Post oh-so-helpfully explains to the reader why the Nordstrom “scandal” is such a big deal. Their line of reasoning? That Donald Trump can’t separate himself from his kids’ business decisions.

Vox’s hot take on the situation can be seen through the prism of their profile of Ivanka last July, which expressed surprise that she holds so much influence over her father. Considering her success as an independent businesswoman, this should come as no shock. But Vox edu-tains readers by telling them that her efforts have so far failed to influence her father … it then follows with over twenty paragraphs which show her effectiveness in influencing her father. I guess they figured no one reads beyond the first few sentences.

Meanwhile, the New Yorker has described Ivanka’s honed negotiating and speaking skills as “weaponized greatness.”

Why the vitriol against Ivanka, far more than against her brothers? Much of it can likely be boiled down to jealousy. Left-leaning journalists and self-proclaimed “feminists” won’t admit it, but she is everything that we all aspire to be: smart, beautiful, and successful.

If Ivanka were anyone else’s daughter, she would be praised as a trailblazer. If she were anyone else’s daughter, she’d probably also be successful with or without Donald Trump’s money or influence.

Kristin Tate is a conservative columnist and author of the book “Government Gone Wild: How D.C. Politicians Are Taking You For a Ride And What You Can Do About It.” She was recently named one of NewsMax’s “30 Most Influential Republicans Under 30.”

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