What we witnessed last night before a joint session of Congress was the transformation of a husband, father and businessman into the President of the United States.

As I stood in line at a Starbucks in Midtown Manhattan this morning a man of Asian descent (not that it matters) saw the cap I was wearing with the big block letters spelling out TRUMP obviously drawing his attention. He said, “Trump really stepped up last night, it’s about time.”

Many might be surprised that Donald Trump rose to the occasion. I was not in the least bit surprised.


No person steps into the role of President of the United States prepared for the enormity of the job on day one. There comes a moment in each administration when we see that they understand what they have been handed by voters and they grow into the position. Hopefully it happens sooner rather than later.

People had asked me what I thought one of the first things then President- elect Trump should do after taking the oath of office. My advice I said was to deliver a Gettysburg type address to bring this nation together and start to heal after 8 years of his predecessor dividing America.  President TrumpDonald John TrumpIvanka Trump, Jared Kusher's lawyer threatens to sue Lincoln Project over Times Square billboards Facebook, Twitter CEOs to testify before Senate Judiciary Committee on Nov. 17 Sanders hits back at Trump's attack on 'socialized medicine' MORE delivered that address last night. He started the healing in his victory speech election night and again in his inaugural address after taking the Presidential oath when he said he would be the President of all Americans. But last night was special.

I also said in an interview that I believed that Donald Trump had an opportunity to become the Winston Churchill of the 21st century, a man who rose to the occasion of a defining moment in history. That was not hyperbole. I believe in setting the bar high for him because I know he can reach it.

Last night, when President Trump said, “we must support the incredible men and women of law enforcement,” I knew that we truly had a new era upon us. The Americans I strive to protect each day, bring justice to -- and the victims sometimes only we and their loved ones remember, were welcomed back into the conversation. The media and Democrat Party are having a hard time keeping Americans in the dark about the atrocities that our urban centers where they reside have become.

President Trump was right when he stated that what’s happening in too many American cities is simply unacceptable. But he was right and he was courageous when he pointed out that the media reporting has been culpable in covering up the truth of cultural rot and dysfunction that has allowed the growth of a subset underclass.

Under the Democrats’ watch, the black community has lost so many lives, been politicized for low political ends, seen their education and life prospects dim, remain caught in the cycle of poverty, and most of all seen them pitted against law enforcement by political elites who salivate at their misery.

President Trump’s attention to African-American concerns has the Democrat Party in a panic. They are used to a GOP that turns away from issues of importance in the black community after an election is over.  As Trump alluded to many times in his speech, no more, that day is over.

As a career law enforcement officer I and we who wear the uniform of our communities are  ready to answer the call –- to refocus our efforts on making American communities safe and to restoring the bond between communities that has been under assault by the cop haters.

America is at a crossroads. President Trump laid out his agenda in a way that spoke simple truths and was clear for everyone to understand. He talked in terms of what we as Americans can accomplish and that was refreshing. Rebuilding the military, kick starting the economy to produce high paying jobs, better schools for our children, safer neighborhoods for everyone, better care for our veterans, less regulation, affordable healthcare for everyone, protecting our sovereignty by sealing the border and tax reform is his plan. He wrapped all this in a nice bow that read: America First. 

I, and the rest of America watched as many Democrats in attendance opted-out of the inspired, unifying Trump vision for America. I watched Democrats refuse to stand and greet the President as he walked in, watched them refuse to stand for simple statements like we are come from the same creator.

This continued resistance to what happened last November is wearing thin on the American people.  It’s exhausting. The election is over. We made our choice.  President Trump’s articulated inspiring vision before Congress let us know that we made the right choice.

It is time to get behind this President and as he said, together we can Make America Great Again.

David Clarke, Jr. is the Milwaukee County sheriff. Clarke is the author of “Cop Under Fire: Moving Beyond Hashtags of Race, Crime and Politics for a Better America.” Follow him on Twitter @SheriffClarke

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