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Democrats’ Russia obsession overshadows fact that Trump’s America is looking up


The Russians are coming, didn’t you hear!? The likes of “The New York Times” and the “Washington Post” are now filled with half-baked and half-thought out articles decrying new revelations of the Kremlin creeping closer.

The Russian ambassador spoke to Jeff Sessions! Unfortunately the Times left out evidence that one of his accusers, Claire McCaskill, did the same. Actually, just about everyone met with the Russian ambassador. It’s gotten so formulaic and tired that even The Young Turks referred to it as “self-proclaimed legal experts rashly opin(ing.)”

{mosads}Every week now, the American people are treated to the same cycle: dramatic assumptions about the White House’s ties to Russia, then a slow and often obvious walk-back.


The New Red Scare is upon us. The press is doing their part, regularly pushing the narrative. Late-night comedians shoehorn in commissar jokes. “Red” an old political statement is now made new (oops, wrong example!), and unpaid interns at the DNC are combing over President Donald Trump’s statements on Vladimir Putin.

It seems that the Democrats are more interested in investigating Trump and Russia than they are in working for the American people.

The most recent media explosion came straight from Trump last week. The suggestion that the Obama administration wiretapped Trump Tower set off an avalanche of controversy. Obama would never wiretap another political leader, we’ve been told, and would never target political opposition. Never mind that is exactly what his administration did in the past.

Why do the Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) keep on with Russia and not the other issues of the day? Well, probably because things are getting better.

Faith in the direction of the country is the highest in years. The “Trump Rally” continues on Wall Street. Consumer sentiment reached a 13 year high in January. A National Federation of Independent Business index shows that optimism among small business owners has skyrocketed. Every other day we read about another company investing in the United States. Even Lena Dunham is losing weight. Success begets success — but the left doesn’t want to normalize (if I may use the buzzword du jour) Trump’s victories.

The playbook by Trump’s opposition makes it clear: They do not want to talk about the bread and butter issues that matter most Americans. So what is their fallback? Well, Russia seems as good as any. Forget the fact that Democrats have been remarkably naive on the subject.

Of course, allegations of Russian hacking are certainly startling, but so far there’s been smoke but no fire. In fact, the media used it as an opportunity to shoehorn as much anti-Trump coverage through insinuation as possible. There is zero evidence that Russia successfully “hacked the election,” despite what Twitter hashtags may tell you. Even left-wing hero Glenn Greenwald said so, Senator Chris Coons admitted he has no proof for it, and FBI Director James Comey echoed the fact that there is no evidence.

Yet the Russian hacking narrative is such an obsession that the “Los Angeles Times’” senior editorial writer described it as the Democrats’ “Holy Grail,” even asking in the headline if the Sessions “revelations” would prove it so. Spoiler alert: Betteridge’s Law.

The Trump-Russia allegations would be justified if Democrats offered up any proof. Yet here we are, four months after the election, and not one shred has been proffered.

In October, Hillary Clinton said it was “horrifying” that Trump could question the results of the election and called for the peaceful transition of power. It’s time for the Democrats to take Clinton’s advice. Until the left stops blaming Russia for their own massive and humiliating loss, and begins addressing the issues that matter most to Americans, they will continue to lose elections. Americans are interested in improving jobs, security, healthcare, and education — if Democrats fail to address these issues in a productive way, it will cost them dearly.

Often, it seems like the #Resistance is mostly fighting the truth. With the economy growing, optimism increasing, and Trump’s administration getting on its feet, it makes sense why Democrats would rather cry “Russia” than let slip the dogs of jobs and security.

Kristin Tate is a conservative columnist and author of the book “Government Gone Wild: How D.C. Politicians Are Taking You For a Ride And What You Can Do About It.” She was recently named one of NewsMax’s “30 Most Influential Republicans Under 30.”

The views of contributors are their own and are not the views of The Hill.

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