You may have been paying far too much attention lately to the agony of the Hillary Clinton campaign, the ecstasy of the Mike Huckabee campaign, the emergence of an Alan Keyes campaign, the final stages of the Dennis Kucinich campaign or which baseball stars we now know have been doping, but your president is on fire right now.

Yep, that would be George W. Bush, 43rd president of the United States and hanging on mightily to the now almost comfortable 28 percent approval rating. You can laugh about it, but the man is on the mend, and his professional handlers are finally mixing the right formula over there at the White House.

In my column this week, I noted that Bush is a happy man with a plan, intent on making the most of his last year in office, damn the usual torpedoes. If the surge continues to stabilize Iraq, his veto pen stays full of ink and a few foreign countries welcome him for some friendly-ish visits, it could go according to plan.

It might not be what you would have planned for him. But it's a plan nonetheless.


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