World War III. The specter of Lenin. Adolph Hitler. Communists. Fascists.

What is Bush thinking?

Today he spoke to the Heritage Foundation and attacked Democrats in Congress for being responsible for everything but hair lice. He is fighting evil — why don’t Democrats understand that?

This man’s world view is so distorted, so out of sync with reality, so totally myopic, that the United States will be paying the price for decades to come.

George Bush and Dick Cheney have taken this country down a path of weakening our defense, setting back the real war on terror, destroying America’s standing in the world and blowing our budget sky-high.

And now it is not enough that they play the Munich card, calling into question the patriotism and the national security credentials of Democrats, but suddenly it is about Iran provoking World War III. This is a totally unbelievable assertion, devastating to any sense of dialogue and negotiation and even our attempt at pulling together other nations to stand up to Iran. But to drag in Lenin and Hitler, you would think that Bush is trying to provoke a war within the United States.

How more outrageous can he get? All in the name of unlimited funding for his war, $4 billion a year for Blackwater-type contractors, no-bid contracts for Halliburton, billions every month that are unaccounted for and never run through any regular accounting process on the Hill.

This is Bush’s last stand; Custer’s last stand. The scary thing is that we will have to live through another 15 months of this president. This rhetoric has to mark the low point of the Bush presidency. Please tell me it won’t get worse.