This is why people hate Washington.

Congress is going to vote to hold members of the White House in contempt for refusing to allow staff to testify over the firings of some U.S. attorneys.

Can we vote to hold Washington in contempt for refusing to deal with issues that really matter, like entitlement reform, education, crime, healthcare and war? 

Thrown in the maelstrom is the hapless attorney general, who can’t get any story straight. The sum total of his testimonials over the past six months is a silly mix of “can’t recalls” and “misremembereds."

Nothing like the attorney general getting completely rebuked by the FBI director to inspire the confidence of the American people.

If the White House thinks that holding on to Gonzales is helping it in any way, they are sorely mistaken.

But the overreach by the Congress is equally infuriating.

The president can fire any U.S. attorney he wants for any reason.

He doesn’t have to tell the Congress why.

So why does this fishing expedition continue?

This isn’t just partisan politics. This is meaningless partisan politics.

At least with Watergate — the last time there was this kind of “constitutional crisis” — you had some real crimes that were going on. The stakes were high, because the crimes were real.

But everyone agrees that the president had the right to do what he did. So let’s move on.

I like the drama of political theater as much as anybody. But this farce should be called “Much Ado About Nothing.”