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OPINION | Corey Lewandowski: Donald Trump’s Poland speech was Reaganesque

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Prior to President Trump’s arrival in Poland, Law and Justice Party leader Dominik Tarczynski predicted that his reception was “going to be huge — absolutely huge.”

He was right. Much like Ronald Reagan, President Trump received rock star treatment in his first trip to Poland. While violent anti-capitalism demonstrations geared up for attacks on the Group of 20 summit in Germany, President Trump spoke the truth to the people of Poland. 

{mosads}Many fake news talking heads have expressed worry that the Trump presidency would tarnish America’s international reputation. Yet, if you heard the president’s speech, you would’ve thought he was being elected as Poland’s president. Trump was as mesmerizing to a European audience as he was in any of the rallies I observed on the campaign trail.

Every two minutes, Trump had as thousands of people shouted his name at the top of their lungs. It reminded me of the Wisconsin and Pennsylvania rallies where the people loved Trump, while the local elites sneered at him. The warm reception he received speaks volumes about the Polish people’s high regard for President Trump as a leader in the movement to stop radical Islamic terrorism and to stop terrorists from infiltrating the West.

The Poles admired Reagan because he put the hammer down on the Iron Curtain and helped inspire the Solidarity trade union movement to free the people from communism. Now the Polish people adore Trump because he will support policies to protect their safety.

The truth is that Poland is just as concerned about ISIS as we are. In October 2015, media organizations in Mazuria and Podalsie received alarming notes from Islamic sources, declaring “Death to American and Polish soldiers [and] victory to the State of Islam!” Threats like these are why, as politician Krzysztof Mróz said, “regarding refugees, the Polish government has the same position as Americans – we want strict restrictions on refugees.”

Unfortunately, the unchecked, reckless global union known as the EU is trying to take Poland’s safety rug out from under it by mandating the country accept a set quota of migrants from Africa, Syria and elsewhere. The EU’s demands are almost as blasphemous as the existence of the institution itself.

As Louis Rouanet at the Mises Institute pointed out, “the European Union has nothing to do with peace, freedom, free trade, free capital and migration movement, cooperation, or stability. [It] is nothing more than a cartel of governments that tries to gain power by harmonizing the fiscal and regulatory legislation in every member State.” The United Kingdom has proven to be smart by implementing an exit from the EU, Brexit, because the EU is trying to force sovereign nations to accept policies that hurt national security.

To much applause, President Trump leveraged the power of his office to implicitly express his disapproval of the European Union’s order, stating, “While we will always welcome new citizens who share our values and love our people, our borders will always be closed to terrorism and extremism.” This seems like common sense, yet the global establishment seems to be an out-of-touch cartel intent on implementing policies that elevate globalism over security.

The political issue at hand is not whether Poland or the United States accepts refugees. It’s whether the two countries accept them now and under this cutthroat environment. Both countries can accept refugees, but not until they can be properly identified and vetted for security threats.

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has been clear — at this time, we don’t have the capacity to do proper vetting. According to the agency, we don’t even have a Syrian database to track their criminal records. This has led to over 90 percent of refugee applications being approved, according to the testimony of a U.S. immigration official in 2015.

It should not be surprising that under these conditions, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has easily blended terrorists into the boatloads of refugees. In fact, a number of Syrian refugees have reported seeing suspected ISIS fighters in their midst.

Worse is that the Islamic State has boasted how it will continue to take advantage of this effective strategy. “We have sent many operatives to Europe with the refugees,” an ISIS commander said in an interview to The Washington Post. “Some of our brothers have fulfilled their mission, but others are still waiting to be activated.”

President Trump has inspired a political movement not just in the United States, but abroad as well. Here’s to hoping that the president’s ideas and calls to action help the country finally get what it needs and deserves — peace and prosperity.

Corey R. Lewandowski is President Trump’s former campaign manager.

The views expressed by contributors are their own and are not the views of The Hill. 

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