It is a high crime and misdemeanor to refuse to faithfully execute the laws of the land and on a number of occasions Alberto Gonzales has acted in a manner that should compel the House of Representatives to initiate an investigation including potential articles of impeachment.

We now learn that Alberto Gonzales tried to railroad through extension of executive action and assertion of authority that the then-attorney general, John Ashcroft, and acting attorney general, James Comey, believed was illegal.

In what can only be described as a goon-like attempt to buffalo a very ill John Ashcroft into approving illegal action, Alberto Gonzales acted more like an official in a government of Pinochet-in-pinstripes than an official of the United States.

I am not one to throw around the idea of impeachment, but the House should initiate an investigation of whether impeachment articles should be drafted and voted on and whether a trial should be initiated in the Senate.

Eavesdropping, torture, corruption of justice, and abuse of power are among the issues worthy of consideration.

Again, I am not one to use the word impeachment lightly, but Alberto Gonzales has been the White House counsel and is now the attorney general, and no individual holding these high offices should commit these acts.

Let the House of Representatives decide whether articles of impeachment should be voted on and sent to the Senate, because in this country, enough is enough.