President Bush has had his embarrassing moments. But none surpass the childish temper tantrum he pretended to throw yesterday in the Rose Garden.

Surrounded by lights, cameras, props and podium, Bush staged a great show of political theater — in order to accuse the Democrats of “playing political theater.”

He accused Democrats of forcing troops to extend their stay in Iraq — when, in fact, he has kept troops in Iraq for over four years, forcing many of them to return for a second or third tour of duty.

He accused Democrats of putting our troops in harm’s way — when, in fact, he’s the one who sent them to Iraq in the first place.

He attacked Democrats for waiting 57 days before acting on his request for supplemental funding — when, in fact, he waited 119 days for last year’s supplemental request, without accusing Republicans of undermining the troops.

He insisted the Pentagon would run out of money (?) by April 15 — when, in fact, the independent Congressional Research Service has already reported there are sufficient funds available through July.

And, finally, President Bush slammed Democrats for going on spring break — just moments before leaving the White House for his own spring break.
The president of the United States never looked more like a spoiled child.