Let me get this straight: We now have a second-tier staffer pleading the Fifth? Of course, no one WANTS to testify before Congress on "Prosecutor-Gate." Especially when you know that what you have to say can bring down your boss or your boss’s boss. In this case, the AG is as good as gone anyway but what about Karl “the man” Rove?

Monica Goodling, the Justice Department liaison with the White House, knows a lot. She has also hired one of the best trial lawyers in the country, John Dowd. But her boss Kyle Sampson will testify this week. Why can’t she? Hard to believe she has more at stake than he does. I can see why Karl and Harriet Miers want to pass on making the truck up Pennsylvania Avenue, but pleading the Fifth when you are “the other Monica” doesn’t make much sense to me.

Dowd is trying the Libby defense — watch out, you can get prosecuted for lying. Duh! After all, wasn’t that what the anti-Clinton Republicans were screaming about for three years?

Let’s hope that Ms. Goodling does not lead a parade of Fifth Amendment pleaders in this cover-up. Of course, we all know what that does to the end result — the truth comes out … eventually. And the longer they drag this out the worse off they all will be.