If you are an American and you travel anywhere in the world in an official
capacity, one of your first meetings is likely to be with the local American
Chamber of Commerce.

Meeting with AmChams (as they are called) is an essential way to get a better
understanding of how American businesses are doing in selling American products
overseas. Members of AmChams (who are usually American) have an acute
understanding of the local laws, the obstacles that foreign governments often
place in the way of trade and the opportunities that exist for further

AmChams are the tip of the spear when it comes to international trade. And
without international trade, American business can’t grow. And if American
businesses don’t grow, jobs don’t get created back here in the United States of

When President Obama talks about the supposed foreign influence that has
infiltrated the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, he is talking about dues that are
being paid by these AmChams back to the Chamber.

His argument is complete nonsense. It smacks of McCarthyism. The argument
itself is delusional, and it makes me wonder if the president has taken leave
of his senses.

Worse for the president, by attacking the Chamber of Commerce in such a violent
way, he reveals his hatred for the private sector, which only serves to rile up
his opponents even more.

The Chamber of Commerce is not an arm of the Republican Party. For example, it
supported the president’s stimulus package. It supported the auto bailout. It
supported the small-business loan program that the president signed last month.

The business of the Chamber is to support business, not support the Republican
Party. But the Chamber finds itself supporting many more Republican candidates
this election cycle because so many Democrats have taken an avowedly
anti-business turn to the left, led by President Obama.

The Chamber has no choice, because the Democrats, with their agenda of higher
taxes, more regulation, more litigation and more powerful labor unions, are
seeking to Hugo Chavez the private sector.

The charge that comes from the president that shadowy groups may have an undue
influence on this election is especially hypocritical, given that Obama won
because of the influence of George Soros and his compadres.

We know that Soros and his friends in 2006 and 2008 spent hundreds of millions
of dollars funding radical, left-wing groups like ThinkProgress and the Center
for American Progress (ThinkProgress is the group that made the initial charges
against the Chamber). These groups didn’t — and don’t — divulge their donors,
but I didn’t hear Obama complain about them once during his campaign for president.

The president’s latest attack on the Chamber of Commerce shows one thing
conclusively. He is losing it. And his team is going to lose the elections
badly in less than four weeks.

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