Don't miss the excellent story in The Hill by Justin Sink about Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia comparing homosexuality to murder, by equating views about laws against homosexuality to views about laws against murder. Asked about this and fairly quoted in The Hill's story, Scalia gave a mini-seminar about the style of argument called "reduction to the absurd." If Scalia wants to insult the intelligence of law students with this nonsense, that is the problem of his suffering students. When he says these things as a Supreme Court justice, it becomes the problem of the American people. Justice Scalia should now recuse himself from Supreme Court cases involving any issues relating to gay rights.


Shame on Scalia. He is opining on matters now before the courts, insulting large numbers of Americans, doing so in a manner that at best implies borderline bigotry against those he insults, conducting himself in a manner unworthy of the United States Supreme Court, and raising the notion that perhaps Justice Scalia might be better off leaving the Supreme Court and seeking a position in academia. With comments such as this, however, Justice Scalia will need to be tenured to get away with such legally and morally absurd opinings as equating anything about gays with anything about murder.