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After a rough start, he got into good Catholic schools. He graduated from Yale Law School, thanks to affirmative action. He got a good job with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. He’s now on the U.S. Supreme Court.

Yet Clarence Thomas is still a bitter, angry man. And he spews nothing but bile in his memoir, comparing opponents of his nomination back in 1991 to members of the Ku Klux Klan. In other words, he implies, they didn’t want him on the court because he was black.

Nonsense. There’s only one reason liberals opposed Thomas: because they didn’t trust him. They feared he’d end up being one of the most conservative members of the court — on key issues like abortion, right to privacy and affirmative action — and they were right!

Besides, Thomas was opposed by the NAACP. And his biggest troubles came from a black woman. Anita Hill didn’t care about his race. She did care about what she believed to be his abusive treatment of women.

There’s no way Clarence Thomas can claim to be the victim of racial discrimination. He should just shut up and stop complaining about it.

The real tragedy is that Thomas ended up on the Supreme Court. We’re the ones who should be complaining.