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Supreme Court legalizes everything America hates about lobbyists buying Washington

Now the capital that is bought and paid for by lobbyists already will be even more bought and even more paid for. Now our politics, which is in wide disrepute, will be deluged with an onslaught of negative television ads, at first used as blackmail threats by lobbyists to win votes on the floor of Congress for special-interest legislation, and if blackmail fails, which it rarely does in this town, the money will be used to finance media “hit men” running ads full of lies, deceit and fear-mongering.

Think about it: There is a populist revolt from the left and right throughout the nation, but the policymaking and ideological political agenda of the Supreme Court majority now gives the dominating power to those with the most money and destroys into virtual silence the free-speech rights of those without the money to buy the speech, and the power to buy the votes, in the Congress that only pretends to be of the people, by the people and for the people.

This decision will grow to be hated by the people of the nation. Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Anthony Kennedy will go down in history alongside predecessors on the court who upheld the practice of slavery and were later condemned by the high court of history.

The very notion of legalizing what will in fact become weapons of blackmail and bribery in the hands of the lobbyists of the greedy and powerful is inimical to the very idea of what America stands for, and alien to the deeply held views of people throughout the nation and believers in democracy everywhere.

This decision is vile and evil and wrong and will be seen by historians as vile and evil and wrong. Americans should use every means of political and constitutional action to resist this and reverse this.

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