The Judiciary

GOP war against women

Monday’s Supreme Court decision is another example of the Republican war
against matters that benefit women, this time by the ideological
rightist majority on the court. Why do so many conservative Republican
women support positions so hostile to the economic interests of American
women? And what have women done to Republicans that the GOP cannot
bring itself to support full pay equity for women?

I have raised this issue many times before, and will again. Every
American should have full pay equity, including women. No American
should face discrimination regarding pay, or any other issue, including

It is outrageous that the House Repubicans try to kill or dramatically cut so many programs that are important to women, and outrageous that an ideological Supreme Court majority joins them in hostility to fairness for American women.

This will be a powerful issue for Democrats in 2012. And it should be. It is unfortunate for American women that so many prominent activist conservative Republican women stand against against fairness and pay equity for women. It is a debate I am glad to join, and a debate I expect Democrats and women to win after a long, hard fight.

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