"Biggest 'political earthquake' in a century" declared one British headline describing a tectonic shift in world political culture which occurred as Britain voted over the weekend in European elections. And as goes Britain, so goes France. "France’s far-right Front National stormed to victory in European Elections on Sunday night, leading an unprecedented surge in support for anti-EU parties across Europe that was set to reverberate far beyond Brussels politics," the Financial Times reports.

As goes Britain and France, so goes the world. The shift in governance and power from vast, generic, globalist Leviathans to smaller, more manageable and comprehensive republics and federations is underway.


Said here on May 19 in a public memo to Nebraska Senate candidate Ben SasseBen SasseTrump goes after Cassidy after saying he wouldn't support him for president in 2024 Invoking 'Big Tech' as an accusation can endanger American security Biden slips further back to failed China policies MORE (R): "The clash of ideas which took the world to blood and booty in the last 150 years of the millennium was between global capitalism and global socialism. That season has passed. Columnist Pat Buchanan made a convincing case recently that the force/counterforce to the rising times is nationalism vs. globalism. We see devolution to nationalism already today in Scotland, Catalonia, Venice and Flanders. 'Nationalism is the natural enemy of empires, and it seems on the rise almost everywhere,' Buchanan writes."

I've been on this for 10 years now and first promoted the empowerment of states and regions in Vermont and New Hampshire in 2003. My model for the holistic, natural or true state like Switzerland and Singapore in evolution elsewhere eventually became Israel. But Texas Gov. Rick Perry's (R) book Fed Up! Our Fight to Save America from Washington first appeared in 2010 as a handbook for Western and other governors who have since advanced the idea of empowered states and regions and the devolution of power to the states and brought it to practical governance and national status.

The rise of the humongous, dominatrix world state, a pseudo-federation of bloated, aerial abstraction, and the Anglo-American march to world cultural conquest rose from London and New York. Alexander Hamilton provided the impetus in America to centralized government and advancing world hegemony.

"Alfred Lord Tennyson's 'Federation of the world' and 'Parliament of man" captured the imagination of 19th-and 20th-century one-worlders," says Buchanan. But today, after the European elections, he adds: "[T]here is the real possibility not only of a breakup of the EU, but of the breakup of the United Kingdom, the loss of Scotland after 300 years, England's secession from the EU, and the collapse of the Tory Party into Europhiles and Europhobes, all on [British Prime Minister] David Cameron's watch."

If, as the Financial Times report suggests, the European elections this weekend mark future trends, Israel and Texas might be seen as the models or prototypes of the rising paradigm; autonomy for individualized, holistic, true or "natural" states and a rising Jeffersonian era here, there and everywhere.

"Europe has to be simple, clear, to be effective where it is needed and to withdraw from where it is not necessary," French President Francois Hollande said Monday in a televised address. The same might be said today here of the federal government.

Quigley is a prize-winning writer who has worked more than 35 years as a book and magazine editor, political commentator and reviewer. For 20 years he has been an amateur farmer, raising Tunis sheep and organic vegetables. He lives in New Hampshire with his wife and four children. Contact him at quigley1985@gmail.com.