Obama turns memorial speech into left-wing stump speech

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Americans grieving alongside the families of the slain Dallas police officers had to endure one of the basest displays of cowardice and blame-shifting any American president has presented at such a solemn and poignant setting.

When President Barack Obama took the stage Tuesday to present Hillary Clinton’s laundry list of interest-group issues and chide the American people and American institutions for its responsibility in the murders by this crazed sniper, we saw this man for everything he really is.

{mosads}First and foremost, Obama has abandoned Black America, the people for which he claims to speak, and handed their plight over to the more pressing concerns of the far-left system of control that aims to weaken the spirit and institutions of America. His speech was for “politicos” in Washington, D.C. 

Black America is suffering from the crushing and demoralizing policies of his rule. One of the only glimpses of hope for those living in the worst conditions is the rule of law — the peace officers, who come into their community and risk their lives, puts aside their fears to bring law and order to the streets.

I have seen through firsthand experience – in matter of the law, especially – there are leaders in this world, and then there are the fearful.

Great leaders inspire others to do their best, they make hard decisions, put themselves and their reputations on the line, think of others first, and remain humble through it all.

President Obama’s stump speech for Black Lives Matter at Tuesday’s memorial service for the slain Dallas police officers proved he has none of the mettle of a leader and all of the weakness of character of a fearful follower.

A fearful follower loads their memorial speech before the families, friends, and colleagues of the recently deceased with political rhetoric, kowtowing to the radical bullies fomenting hate across our nation’s cities these past weeks.

A fearful follower slips into his speech a condemnation of the entire institution of law enforcement as inherently racist, a sickeningly false and dangerous statement.

A fearful follower looks for blame to cast at the audience before him, at the American people, who have already suffered through a president whose weakness of character and anti-American worldview has caused immense harm to the values that could bring our suffering nation together.

The substance of Obama’s speech, if it can be called substance, centered around the passing of blame – in this instance – onto the American people as a racist whole, and the police as a racist institution. He inferred that it is the American people, and the American institutions, that caused the police officers to be slain.

And, he warned, it could happen again – if we don’t reform ourselves. Facts have long since left the Black Lives Matter conversation – I can only imagine it is because they are so easily accessible, and so damning of the lies of Black Lives Matter, that they had to be expunged by the media.

Here are some facts: there is no systemic problem with Black victimization by police. Isolated incidents are just that – condemned across the board, dealt with, and despicable.

If you don’t resist arrest, you won’t find yourself in a violent situation. If you don’t commit a crime, your interaction with the police will remain as it should be – two elements of a community with the same goal, working together to make safer situations for all.

If ever there was a contrast in character put before the American people – a contrast that provides the two competing visions for America’s future – compare the words offered by President Bush and President Obama.

President Bush offered unity based on shared ideals of Americans; President Obama reminded us that his life story provides all the inspiration a nation divided could need.

President Bush reminded us that unity must come, at its strongest, out of a sense of hope, not of fear. President Obama held up the unity of violence.

President Bush respected the grief of the families of the slain officers and paid tribute to them and the ideals for which their duty responded; President Obama equated their deaths to that of the politicized and controversial police shootings, where murkiness remains.

President Obama chided Americans that he sometimes “doubts” Americans can ever come together — – and then proceeded to counsel them that perhaps it could be possible if they were to take on a “new heart.”

No, President Obama, the American people do not need a new heart, they need a leader.

Clarke is the Milwaukee County (Wis.) sheriff. 


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