As most honest columnists will tell you, we often look upon editors with a wary eye, always worried that our perfect work will be desecrated by forces from above. Having noted this, it a perfect moment to express my respect and admiration for Mike Laws, a talented and extraordinary gentleman and editor I have worked closely with in recent years in my roles as columnist and Pundits Blogger here at The Hill. As most of you know, this is Mike's last day as he moves to greater heights in his education and career, which are destined to take him to even greater achievements going forward.

Mike's editing has been superb, his professionalism has been first-rate, and his friendship has been and will be greatly valued. It has been a pleasure and privilege to work with Mike, even if his taste in baseball teams (his beloved Orioles, always battling with my beloved Yankees) leaves a little to be desired.


I propose a standing ovation for Mike Laws on his last day, and predict that the future will bring Mike not only editing the news, but someday being in the news, for great achievements to come as his career unfolds!