Anyone who knows about the great history and traditions of the Capitol and the Congress will know why I and so many others will so greatly miss Sally Crowe, the very special hostess of the House Members Dining Room who recently passed away.

Sally began working in the Congress, in the Longworth cafeteria, before I was even born. She worked for the House for an amazing 57 years and was beloved by all.

When I worked for the House leadership, I cannot tell you how many times I had to visit the Members Dining Room, often at odd hours, often with no notice, often in a mad rush and sometimes with VIP guests. Sally was always there with her radiant smile, her glowing hair, her tactful manner and her wonderful style to make everyone feel comfortable and at home.

Sally was a great professional and one of those truly wonderful ladies it was a privilege to know and work with.

Farewell, Sally, you will truly be missed!