Even more shameful, the Secret Service should have been on heightened guard during such an event with prominent guest. In these turbulent times, President Barack ObamaBarack Hussein ObamaFive takeaways from the first North Dakota Senate debate Live coverage: Heitkamp faces Cramer in high-stakes North Dakota debate Khashoggi prompts Trump to reconsider human rights in foreign policy MORE’s guards should have their ear to the ground in order to protect him against those who leak behind corners and sit in dark rooms orchestrating plans to send this country into a tailspin. One would have thought that President Obama would have learned from the masterfully interrupted attempts on his life in the primaries.

If our president, the most guarded man on earth, is not protected by all means, how safe should the American people feel right now? Let us not forget, this message could only give terrorist, who sit and wait for such an opening, a pound of hope to carry out their plans.

And yet, Mark Sullivan, the director of the Secret Service, has the audacity to claim that the president was never in danger. How does he know? These people got through without showing any identification, but were cleared just by revealing their names. Unfortunately, America is now prone to another terrorist attack.

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