For years, Mexican government officials have been asking for help in stemming the flow of illegal weapons into Mexico. While narcotics flow north, guns flow south, arming the cartels responsible for the drug trade.

Texas, particularly Houston, is a top source for arms moving south ...

Stemming the flow of the arms alone will not end the demand for drugs on this side of the border any more than it will stop the violence that the drug trade spawns, but is a necessary approach toward a solution.

The Obama administration has taken a small step toward assisting the Mexican government's attempts to defang the drug cartels by including $10 million in the stimulus package to interdict illegal gun shipments to Mexico. Mexican analysts understand full well the potential backlash from gun rights advocates by pushing an overly aggressive enforcement effort.

... [T]he arms interdiction effort is an expensive gesture but a necessary one. The administration should not let the effort get hijacked by opponents who would frame this as a gun rights issue. It is not. It is an effort aimed at stopping the illegal flow of guns that empower vicious gangs of criminals who kill people. As some folks love to say: What part of illegal is hard to understand?