Listening to U.S. Sen. Roland Burris, D-Ill., try to explain Sunday why he didn't exactly lie about his contacts with associates of former Gov. Rod Blagojevich, we were reminded of the advice that comedian Steve Martin used to offer people needing an alibi:

"Two simple words: 'I forgot!' " ...

In Mr. Burris' case, he could simply say, "I forgot Rob Blagojevich was Rod Blagojevich's brother. It's a pretty common name."

That explanation wouldn't be much weaker than the one Mr. Burris actually offered on Sunday for failing to mention, when asked in a hearing of the [state] House Impeachment Committee on Jan. 8, if he'd had contact with any of six associates of the governor: The questions, he said, "went in a different direction."

... [T]he people of Illinois were able to enjoy 16 whole days without a new political scandal.

Now they're stuck with a prevaricating U.S. senator appointed by a disgraced and removed governor. And given the difficulties of removing a sitting U.S. senator, they're probably stuck with him until November 2010. Mr. Burris could resign, but anyone who'd accept an appointment from Rod Blagojevich is not likely to have that kind of character. He is Blago's revenge.