Israel is acting in self-defense, as any country in its position would. If Gaza had not served as a launching pad for terrorism, then Israel would not have struck at the source.

Abba Eban famously said Israel's enemies never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. Gaza proves his point. When Israel withdrew its occupation forces, thereby granting Gaza de facto autonomy, various Palestinian organizations had a chance not only to nurture civil society but to demonstrate to the world their willingness to inhabit a peaceful neighborhood. Israel's troops left; riots and looting immediately followed.

Blame for the current bloodshed rests solely with those who used Gaza as a base for raids intended, once again, to kill Jews. Hamas is the primary culprit.

Indeed, Palestinian leaders on the West Bank criticized Hamas' record of violence, and deplored its recent lifting of its cease-fire with Israel. The defeat of Hamas would be a victory for Israel and for moderate Palestinians — as well as for decency generally. Israel is attacking not Palestinians as Palestinians but a terrorist network and its infrastructure. ...