Senate Majority Leader Harry ReidHarry Mason ReidTo Build Back Better, we need a tax system where everyone pays their fair share Democrats say Biden must get more involved in budget fight Biden looks to climate to sell economic agenda MORE’s aggressive criticism of conservatives Charles and David Koch quickly turned into a hashtag meme on Twitter Thursday, which the senator himself then participated in.

Reid (D-Nev.) has been launching blistering attacks on the billionaire brothers, who own large stakes in the conglomerate Koch Industries and are known for supporting an array of conservative and libertarian political causes. Recently, he has accused the two of blocking action against global warming and of being "un-American."

On Thursday, Reid continued his campaign both on the Senate floor and on Twitter, accusing the brothers of holding up a congressional bill that would send aid to Ukraine.


In response, Twitter user Cameron Gray, an executive producer at NRA News, created the mocking hashtag #KochBrothersAReAlsoToBlameFor and suggested the Kochs were responsible for all manner of bad things, from sad puppies to the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars. 

The hashtag quickly became one of the top trends on Twitter, with users ascribing to the Koch brothers blame for phenomena as diverse as the polar vortex, Justin Bieber’s popularity, and the 100 Years’ War.

Others used the hashtag to defend the Kochs from Reid's attacks.

After about an hour, Reid himself got in on the action, accusing the Kochs of deceiving the public on ObamaCare.

Reid also retweeted a tweet by Gray taking credit for creating the hashtag.

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