Twitter lit up Thursday after reports that President Obama's motorcade in Los Angeles delayed a pregnant woman from getting to the hospital.

"WAR AGAINST WOMEN," conservative radio host Laura Ingraham tweeted. "#BabiesCanWait."

"Well, this is rude," tweeted Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich.


The Drudge Report also splashed a photo of Obama waving from inside his limousine, with a headline saying the motorcade had trapped the pregnant woman.

Some, though, came to the president’s defense on social media.

"God knows I'm critical of Obama, but he has nothing to do with his motorcade's security protocols," tweeted John Cardillo, a contributor to The Blaze, which first reported the story.

And the incident sparked the hashtag #ObamaBabyWatch.

According to reports, a pregnant woman was attempting to cross the street to get to a hospital in northeast Los Angeles, but the road was blocked for the presidential motorcade. A witness told The Blaze that she was forced to wait 30 minutes for the president to pass.

A video posted to a reporter's Instagram showed the woman sitting on a bench as the motorcade passed.

The reporter said the woman appeared to be in labor, but the woman did not tell police that she needed medical help, a Los Angeles Police Department spokesman told Reuters.

"At no time did she ever need medical attention or ask for it, she just happened to be a pregnant woman waiting to cross the street while the motorcade was crossing,” he added.

Officers requested an ambulance, but the motorcade passed and the woman crossed the street and entered the hospital before it arrived.

The LAPD is investigating the incident, a Secret Service spokesman told NBC LA.

"It's just another cost of having a visit from the fundraiser-in-chief," Andrew Clark, a National Republican Congressional Committee spokesman, wrote in a blog post linking to the story Thursday.

Obama is in Los Angeles on the second day of a three-day fundraising trip to the West Coast.