The Facebook and Twitter pages for the now-shelved comedy, “The Interview,” are no longer accessible, Variety first reported. 

The movie studio axed the film’s Christmas Day release following a cyberattack that exposed the company’s internal documents and emails, leading to violent threats against any theater screening the film. 


The film depicts the assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, angering the reclusive East Asian nation.

In a statement to the entertainment news outlet, Sony said after it decided to cancel the film’s release, “It was also then decided to work towards taking down respective promos and materials promoting the movie and the date in theaters.”

According to Variety, the Facebook page for “The Interview” had over 366,000 followers and its Twitter page had upwards of 35,000 followers. 

Although North Korea has repeatedly denied its involvement in the attack, the FBI said it could link the hack back to Pyongyang. The White House has promised it will “respond proportionally.”