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Obama, Romney advisers spar over Twitter

{mosads}At issue was a Des Moines Register editorial written by Vice President Biden, in which he slammed Romney in the Hawkeye State’s largest newspaper less than two weeks before the Iowa caucuses.

“VP Biden blames Obama’s bad economy on Romney,” tweeted longtime Romney spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom. “Yes, he really did.”

“Merry X-mas,” David Axelrod shot back. “Thx for referring folks to VP’s piece in Register. Let them judge what he actually said.”

“Merry Xmas to you too!” Fehrnstrom responded. “Romney not to blame for stagnant economy, falling wages. Actually, that’s why he’s running.”

The Biden editorial portrayed the president as working on behalf of middle-class Americans, and portrayed Romney as representative of the interests of Wall Street.

“How can anyone forget the economic catastrophe brought about by the same policies Mr. Romney’s proposing?” Biden wrote. “Romney appears satisfied to settle for an economy in which fewer people succeed, while the majority of Americans are left to tread water or fall behind. His proposal would actually double down on the policies that caused the greatest economic calamity since the Great Depression and accelerated a decades-long assault on the middle class.”


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